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Welcome to the Faculty of Federal Advocates Website

Roster of Private Professional Mediators

As a service to litigants in civil cases, the United States District Court for the District of Colorado has invited the private bar, through the Faculty of Federal Advocates, to compile a roster of attorneys who practice full or part time as professional mediators in federal lawsuits. The roster can be found at www.dcolomediators.org.

Mediation is a flexible, non-binding, confidential process in which a neutral person facilitates settlement negotiations.

Neither the Court nor the FFA verifies the credentials listed by the participants, monitors the roster members, nor plays a role in the hiring, compensation, or discipline of mediators who join the roster.  Litigants are encouraged to conduct a careful review of the background and credentials of any mediator hired from the roster.

Civil Pro Bono Panel Reimbursement Fund

The Faculty of Federal Advocates manages the Civil Pro Bono Panel Reimbursement Fund.  The Fund provides limited reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses in cases handled by panel attorneys for the Civil Pro Bono Panel of the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.  Panel attorneys may download the reimbursement information here.

Civil Pro Bono Panel Reimbursement Fund Request Form (With Instructions)

Civil Pro Bono Panel Reimbursement Fund Request Form

FFA Clinical Program Grant Application



The Faculty of Federal Advocates is an organization of attorneys dedicated to improving the quality of legal practice in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.
The Faculty is committed to enhancing advocacy skills, professionalism and the integrity of the federal judicial system.

To further these goals, the Faculty provides continuing legal education classes, mentoring and pro bono opportunities and other support services which foster and demonstrate commitment to the highest advocacy performance and ethical conduct by and among its members.


The 1994 Civil Justice Reform Act advisory group identified the need for a federal court practice organization to address substantive and procedural issues unique to federal court.

In 1996, Chief Judge Matsch appointed a seven-member task force to design and establish the organization. The judges defined the goal of the faculty as “pursuit of the special function of advocacy in a particular forum.” Formed in 1997, the Faculty of Federal Advocates, a non-profit Colorado corporation, is open to all interested attorneys.

Work With Us:

The current focus of the Faculty's continuing legal education program is the computerized system for exhibits that the new court building has made possible. The programs include an opportunity for attorneys to learn in the courtrooms how the systems operate.

The Faculty also sponsors a series of brown bag lunches with individual district court judges, magistrate judges and bankruptcy judges. The lunches provide an informal setting for learning about each judge and his or her approach to courtroom issues.

The Faculty provides representation to pro se litigants in cases referred by the district court. By pairing senior member lawyers with lawyers less experienced in federal practice, the mentoring program is a pro bono opportunity that enhances the learning experience for a less experienced lawyer, while allowing the mentor lawyer to take on a case knowing that he or she will have some assistance.

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of membership in the Faculty of Federal Advocates.

Note: Recent Articles and Handouts from Faculty of Federal Advocates CLE's are available for download from the Links and Resources page.