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Disclaimer: Although the FFA does not certify, license, or otherwise regulate mediators, these mediators must meet certain qualifications (see the Rules & Regulations). Qualifications includes 40 hours of mediation training, experience as a mediator, and substantive knowledge in the subject area in which they are seeking to provide services. The Bankruptcy Court invited the FFA to develop this website for the purpose of assisting litigants and counsel in their search for private mediators (professional neutrals, with no decision making power in the case, trained to help parties negotiate a mutually agreeable case resolution). Neither the Court nor the FFA verifies the credentials listed by the participants, nor plays a role in the hiring, compensation, or discipline of mediators who join the roster. Litigants are encouraged to conduct a careful review of the background and credentials of any mediator hired from the roster.

Parties may qualify for pro bono mediation if they meet the maximum income levels for qualification as set forth in the FFA Bankruptcy Pro Bono Program.  At present to qualify for pro bono mediation income must be below 300% of the HHS Poverty Guidelines based on the size of the family unit.  In addition to these maximum income levels, a Debtor/Defendant will be disqualified from Bankruptcy Pro Bono Program eligibility if s/he has in excess of $30,000 of exempt, liquid assets, which will be determined by reviewing the Debtor’s Bankruptcy Schedule B – Personal Property.  If you believe you qualify please contact Rob Cohen at with a statement of income and request for pro bono mediation.

If you're a bankruptcy mediator and are interested in joining the Bankruptcy Mediator Panel, please read the Rules & Regulations (link below) and, if you believe you qualify for the Panel, please contact Rob Cohen at

Click HERE for the Rules & Regulations of the Bankruptcy Mediator Panel.

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